About us

The Pearl Dragon was the very first Chinese restaurant to open in Southend way back in 1978. The fact we are still here over 30 years later is testament to the quality of food and service we offer.

Our entire ethos is based on 3 simple principles:

1. Quality − Quality of food and quality of service. This means we use only what we consider to be the best ingredients, fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish sourced locally wherever possible. Our experienced staff are trained to always treat the customer with friendly and professional service. Dining out should be a good experience, and our friendly staff will ensure you are looked after whether it be keeping your wine glass topped up or helping you choose that perfect blend of dishes.

2. Authenticity − Many restaurants claim to serve authentic Chinese food. We pride ourselves on serving the same food that many Chinese themselves would eat at home. Pop down to the restaurant on a Sunday afternoon and you will see many Chinese eating here, reflecting our standing in the local Chinese community and the food we serve.

3. Consistency − We take great pride in having many fantastic regular clients. One of the reasons for this is because our customers know when they visit they will get a quality, authentic meal every time. We take great care in getting points 1 and 2 right each day for every customer so that you know you will always get a great dining experience.